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Kitchen Recipe Hints

Below are some useful hints to help you around the kitchen. We hope that you find these as useful when you are cooking as we have.

Helpful kitchen hints, when too much salt was accidentally used.
If you have over-salted soup or vegetables, add cut raw potatoes and discard once they have cooked and absorbed the salt.
A teaspoon each of cider vinegar and sugar added to overly salty soup or vegetable will also remedy the situation.

If you over-sweetened a dish, add salt.

A teaspoon of cider vinegar will take care of too-sweet vegetable or main dishes.

Remove Fat Kitchen Hints

Helpful kitchen hints to make gravy darker in color.
Pale gravy may be browned by adding a bit of instant coffee straight from the jar… no bitter taste either.

If you will brown the flour well before adding to the liquid when making gravy, you will avoid pale or lumpy gravy.

A different way of browning flour is to put it in a custard cup placed beside meat in the oven. Once the meat is done, the flour will be nice and brown.

Thin gravy can be thickened by adding a mixture of flour, or cornstarch and water, which has been mixed to a smooth paste, added gradually, stirring constantly, when brining to a boil.

More Gravy Kitchen Hints

Lump less gravy can be your triumph if you add a pinch of salt to the flour before mixing it with water.

A small about of baking soda added to gravy will eliminate excess grease.

Drop a lettuce leaf into a pot of homemade soup to absorb excess grease from the top.

Gravy Kitchen Hints

If time allows, the best method of removing fat is refrigeration until the fat hardens. If you put a piece of wax paper over the top of the soup, etc. it can be peeled right off, along with the hardened fat.

Ice cubes will also eliminate the fat from soup and stew. Just drop a few into the pot and stir; the fat will cling to the cubes; discard the cubes before they melt. Or, wrap ice cubes in paper towels or cheesecloth and skim over the top.

If fresh vegetables are wilted or blemished, pick off the brown edges, sprinkle with cool water, wrap in a paper towel and refrigerate for an hour or so.

Perk up soggy lettuce by adding lemon juice to a bowl of cold water and soak for an hour in the refrigerator.

Helpful kitchen hints to keep lettuce and celery fresher in your refrigerator.
Lettuce and celery keep longer if you store them in paper bags instead of cellophane.

To remove the core from a head of lettuce, hit the core end once against the counter sharply. The core will loosen and pull out easily.

Helpful kitchen hints to get cream to whip up right.
Cream will whip faster and better if you will first chill the cream, bowl and beaters as well.

Soupy whipped cream can be saved by adding an egg white, then chilling thoroughly. Re-beat for a fluffy surprise!

A few drops of lemon juice added to whipping cream helps it whip faster and better.

Cream whipped ahead of time will not separate if you add ¼ teaspoon unflavored gelatin per cup of cream.

Check out this helpful kitchen hint.
A dampened and folded dish towel placed under the bowl in which you are whipping cream or other ingredients, will keep the bowl from dancing all over the counter top.

Kitchen Hints Brown Sugar

Brown sugar won’t harden if an apple slice is placed in the container.

But if your brown sugar is already brick-hard, put your cheese grater to work and grate the amount you need.

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Substitute, substitute, substitute. Recipes were made to be messed with. Use alternative ingredients to make your recipes healthier. Cook with broth (low-sodium vegetable, low-fat chicken or beef) instead of with oils. Use vinaigrettes or citrus-juice-based dressings instead of creamy ones, which are often full of saturated fat. Try olive oil, skim milk, or yogurt instead of butter or cream. Re-work dessert recipes that require heavy cream with evaporated skim milk or yogurt. For cakes and other desserts, substitute fresh-fruit puree as a topping instead of frosting. And one of my favorites: pancakes with applesauce, not maple syrup. These changes will give your favorite recipes great new flavor, and your food will be healthier!

Recipe For Happiness

2 Heaping cups of Patience
1 Heart full of Love
2 Hands full of Generosity
1 Head full of Understanding
and a Dash of Laughter

Sprinkle generously with kindness, add plenty of faith and mix well. Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve to everyone you meet.

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We hope that each will become one of your favorite recipes as well.
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