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Terms of Use Kiss Recipes

This is our web site terms of service and legal notice.
Howdy and welcome to kiss recipes.

There is never any need to register with us and anyone can use our web site. We will never make you give us any information, including your email address, in order to use our web site.

Everything here is free.

Even when you send us comments, suggestions, or submit a new recipe, we do not require any of your personal information, including e-mail address.

This is our Legal Terms and Conditions of Use. Terms of Service.
Last updated May 22nd, 2012

Before using our web site please read all of our terms and conditions. (This Legal Notice Terms of Service) You are free to print a copy of this terms of service. The making or cooking of any recipes on this web site, cooking should always be done with adult supervision.

By anyone viewing or using this web site, they must agree with all the terms of this (This Legal Notice, Terms of Use).

Of course we do reserve the right to change, modify, add and delete any portions of (This Legal Notice and Terms of Service) at any time. All changes to (This Legal Notice) will be posted here. You should check back here each time you use this web site to see if there are any changes.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:
This web site does respect your privacy better than other web sites you are used to. We don't collect information from you. On occasion when we do see your email address, but, we will not collect it and will only use it in the manner for which you gave it to us.

Proprietary Rights ~ Copyrights:
All of our web site materials, including and without limitation to, photos, gifs, jpg, graphics, etc, that are used on this web site are (All Rights Reserved). Yes you may print, copy and use recipes from this web site for your personal use. While using this web site for your personal recipes you must keep our copyright and other proprietary notices clearly visible. No you may not use this web site for anything else besides personal use of our free recipes.

Any improper use of this web site is strictly prohibited.

About Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property:
At this web site all trademarks that you find are registered trademarks. You may not use these trademarks. All graphics, like gifs, buttons, trademarks, etc, have copyright and trademarks protecting them and may not be used for anything. Other graphics and trademarks found on this web site that do not belong to this web site are also protected and may not be used by anyone other than their owners. This web site does not endorse in any way third party content.

When in comes to copyrights, patents, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights at this web site:
If we have not granted you a licenses to use our intellectual property, Then you may not use it. So any rights that are not expressly granted, then are herein reserved.

As Per Hyperlinks:
Yes, You are granted use of them while visiting this web site. And yes, you may create on Your web site a hyperlink to our Home Page Only ( You may not create a hyperlink from Your web site to any other of our web site pages. Link to the Home Page Only.
And this link must be in good taste and manor.
Also you may never hyperlink to any of our gif, jpg, or any other files on this web site to be shown or used anywhere.

Services and Content by a Third-Party:
This web site does use Third-Party advertising content. We strive to ensure quality advertising that should be of clean and friendly content. If you have any problems what advertisers we choose to have on our web site, you are welcome to Tell Us about the problem. All direct problems with the advertisers on this web site should be take up with the advertisers directly and not with us. This web site does not have complete control over the content of third party advertising. So, if You decide to use the hyperlinks and go to any third party advertising, You do so at your own risk.

Recipes and Other Submissions to this web site:
When any Photo, Graphic, Gif, Recipe, or Etc is submitted to this web site, It will become the property of this web site.
You are giving us permission to use it in any way we like. All submission are given to this web site with $0 compensation to the giver and we may use them in any way we like.

When you submit anything to this web site, you are representing that you are the original owner and creator of the recipe, graphic, or etc. If you misrepresent the content you are submitting, then your must pay all legal fees and fines connected to this matter.

Any content or files that are submitted to this web site will only be published if this web site decides to do so. This web site is under no obligation to use anything that is submitted.

When you submit to this web site, You grant us the right to include Your name near where the content You submitted is displayed on this web site. This web site requires the Name and Address of the submitter with all submissions. Only Your name will be displayed on this web site and not your address or email address.
Your email address will never be shown or shared with anyone.

How you may use this web site:
You are to use this web site in a legal manner.
Also you are encouraged to be kind and courteous towards others.

Our Recipe web site Disclaimer:
The content on this web site is on an as is basis only. There are no warranties of any kind. Anything done by you while visiting our web site, or while You are using any of our content is at your own sole risk. All of our recipes come to you free and without warranties of any kind. We are not responsible for what you do after or during your visits to this web site. We are not responsible for your cooking results or what happens when you have any problem.

Legal Notice and Terms of Service Changes:
This web site will always be making changes on these web sites as needed and without notice being made to viewers past, or viewers present.

Liability Issues:
This web site does not guarantee that it's web site will always be available or accessible.
This web site will not be liable when any part of its web site is not available or accessible.

Indemnification When You Visit this recipe web site:
You do agree to hold harmless this web site and all associated with its content, for everything associated with the use of this web site.

Applicable Law Jurisdiction:
Only Montana State Laws will govern for this web site.
If there is ever to be any suit, or action or proceedings of any kind, about this web site, then it is to be conducted thru Montana and Flathead county.

Termination and Removing Submitted Material:
This web site will take off submitted material at any time and at their sole discretion. This web site does reserve the right to remove and discard any material and submissions as this web site sees fit.

What Applies:
If any part of this Legal Notice is ever deemed unlawful, or unenforceable, then only that part shall be deemed void and the remaining parts of this Legal Notice shall remain in effect and enforceable.

Terms of Service About Copyright Complaints:
All copyright complaints about this web site must be sent directly to this web site. (DeerLake Designs LLC). Direct your complaint to -

Becca Rapelje
DeerLake Design LLC
115 Whitetail Crossing
Kalispell Montana 59901

No Phone Contact

For Internet Contact Click Here

Any copyright infringements will be handled ASAP. This web site will never knowingly be involved in copyright infringement of any kind.

Terms of Service Terms of Use
Legal Notice and Terms of Service
Copyright January 2013 ~ Kiss Recipes
Owned by ~ Deerlake Designs LLC

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Substitute, substitute, substitute. Recipes were made to be messed with. Use alternative ingredients to make your recipes healthier. Cook with broth (low-sodium vegetable, low-fat chicken or beef) instead of with oils. Use vinaigrettes or citrus-juice-based dressings instead of creamy ones, which are often full of saturated fat. Try olive oil, skim milk, or yogurt instead of butter or cream. Re-work dessert recipes that require heavy cream with evaporated skim milk or yogurt. For cakes and other desserts, substitute fresh-fruit puree as a topping instead of frosting. And one of my favorites: pancakes with applesauce, not maple syrup. These changes will give your favorite recipes great new flavor, and your food will be healthier!

Recipe For Happiness

2 Heaping cups of Patience
1 Heart full of Love
2 Hands full of Generosity
1 Head full of Understanding
and a Dash of Laughter

Sprinkle generously with kindness, add plenty of faith and mix well. Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve to everyone you meet.

Please note if you see the Favorite Recipe icon it denotes one of our favorite recipes.
We hope that each will become one of your favorite recipes as well.
If there is an Healthy Recipe Tips icon it means there is a health tip on the bottom of the recipe.

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